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Wayne State 
School of Medicine News

"$7 million from state to explore therapeutic effects of cannabis for veterans"

"A neuroscientist explains how to vaccinate against the long-term psychological effects of COVID-19"

GPB Radio/News

"Atlanta Sports Allegiances: The Psychology of Fans Amid Braves And United Playoffs"

Mental Health Weekly

"Psychological Long COVID"

WSU School of Medicine News

"Research to treat PTSD gets $4 million boost from National Institutes of Health"


"Why Are Kids Easily Scared? Because That's How Brain Development Works."

The Detroit News

"How to prepare for COVID-19's psychological tsunami"

"Coronavirus: 8 ways to manage anxiety and stress"


" 'Aleppo Moments': What Causes Our Brains to Freeze Under Pressure?"

"Prepping for COVID-19′s psychological tsunami: Seth D. Norrholm"


"Research study examines brain development among adolescents for potential predictors of anxiety"


"What is the science behind fear?"

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